VR Video Production

What are 360 videos?

360 videos, or VR videos create an immersive and memorable experience that provides the user with a feeling of “being there” .

A 360 VR video production places the user in the scene and allows them to explore the full 360 degrees.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a VR headset to view 360 videos. They can be viewed on any device, including mobile.

The viewer can scroll or swipe across the screen to explore the entire scene.

Have a go with one of our VR videos below. Be sure to full screen the video for the best experience:

360 video of Anthony Joshua training – produced by Immersion VR

Why choose 360 videos?

VR is great for business!

In the Thomas Cook Try Before you Fly campaign, people who watched virtual holidays were 180% more likely to buy a holiday. The Thomas Cook’s Westfield Stratford store branch manager Peter Ryan said:

“It’s helping us to close sales. The shop has outperformed compared with the previous year and we’re up in terms of sales. VR has helped improve sales and our customer experience.”
Source: ttgmedia.com

Thomas Cook took advantage of VR video production to boost their sales
Thomas Cook’s sales soared as a result of VR

VR videos create such an overwhelmingly positive responsive with the public.

At Immersion VR, we believe in the technology and it’s use as a marketing tool. What’s more, the stats don’t lie.

360 videos create memorable experiences and unique brand engagement.

Get in touch today to find out how VR video production can help your business.

VR is a great educational tool!

As well as being great for business, VR is used by schools, universities, and museums to educate and inspire.

360 videos are exciting and engaging, and they spark peoples imagination.

They make any subject instantly exciting with their unique ability to immerse you in their surroundings.

VR videos can be produced for use as a great educational tool
Say goodbye to the blackboard!

VR can even be used for team building where just like in schools, it can be used to create an interactive space that encourages collaboration.

VR videos are only limited to the imagination of their producers!

Contact Immersion VR today to explore some of the ideas we have waiting for you.

360 video production for social media

With YouTube and Facebook now supporting 360 video, interest in VR is growing.

360 videos provide excellent user engagement as they place the viewer at the centre of the story.

Thanks to social media, your VR videos have the potential to reach millions of people.

VR video productions provide excellent user engagement on social media
VR videos provide excellent user engagement on social media

VR videos can be uploaded to social media platforms as easily as a normal video. The videos can then be easily embedded on your website to create a lasting impression with your visitors.

There are two types of VR video production, monoscopic and stereoscopic.

Monoscopic video is viewed just like a regular video on any device. This is the type of video we typically produce for use on social media.

Stereoscopic video produces two different images, one for each eye. A VR headset is required to view this type of video but it does offer a more immersive experience.

At Immersion VR, we have expertise in both types of 360 video production and we produce videos for a wide range of applications.

Get in touch with us to find out the best type of 360 video production for your project.

VR video production for events & festivals

Pop up VR exhibitions can be used to great effect at events, festivals, and trade shows.

They stand out from the crowd and quickly get the public talking about your brand.

VR stands spark interest and people get excited to give it a go. We’ve seen it so many times!

VR video production provides an excellent user experience at events and fesivals
VR is a big hit with guests at events

Here at Immersion VR, we can produce bespoke 360 video content for your brand.

We can even help you at the event, setting up and supervising the VR stand.

We work closely with you to deliver the perfect package, whatever your brand or event.

Get in touch to find out what we can do for your event.

How are VR videos produced?

VR videos are shot using specialist cameras with multiple lenses, known as omnidirectional cameras. They shoot all angles at once, enabling filming of the entire 360 degrees.

Kandao Obsidian camera, used for producing 360 videos
Our weapon of choice – the Kandao Obsidian

Once the filming has been carried out, the post production phase can begin. Because of the many lenses on each camera, the footage must be merged into one, in a process known as stitching.

If the stitching is not carried out properly, the resulting video will feel clunky and disorientating.

Professional, high quality stitching results in a seamless video that feels natural.

Stitching in VR video production

We also use spatial audio so that the sound matches the video. Spatial audio is a full sphere surround-sound technique that mimics the way we hear in real life.

The combination of 360 video and spatial audio helps to create a very realistic experience.

At Immersion VR, our history is rooted in VR video production and we are specialists within the field.

We have an unrivalled knowledge and skillset amongst VR production companies in the UK. We have produced videos for all kinds of clients and uses.

We use specialist cameras and the latest software to produce high quality professional VR videos.

We take care of every stage of the VR production process, from concept to delivery.

Get in touch if you would like some more information on Immersion VR.

Image of a 360 video production scene
VR camera being used on beach for VR video production

What is the 360 Video production process?

Our experience within the industry has given us the knowledge to deal with every type of VR production project.

We approach each project with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Exploring the brand before VR video production


We first like to get a feel for the company we’re working with. We think it’s important to understand the client’s brand and the company’s ethos.

We work with a wide range of clients from different industries. We understand that no two projects are the same and we approach each one with a fresh canvas.

Planning the 360 video production process


Once we understand the client and the project, we plan every step meticulously. The planning phase is a crucial part of any 360 video production process.

We work closely with the client to decide the best way to proceed with the project.

The planning involves the type and style of the VR video, the equipment to be used, and the subject and destination of the shoot.

We always guide the client through the process so that everything is straight forward and easy to understand.

Specialist VR cameras are used during the 360 video production process


Of course, there’s no 360 video without a shoot! We arrive with all the equipment and staff needed for the filming process.

We have state-of-the-art specialist VR cameras and motion rigs that capture some of the best VR video footage in the industry.

We take great care and attention to detail during the shoot. Precision is a very important aspect of 360 filming. It is key that any motion is reduced, so that we can create the smoothest video possible.

At Immersion VR, we have a highly experienced crew who produce some of the best 360 footage in the UK.

Post production for VR video is very important

Post Production

Once we are happy with the footage we’ve got, we take it back to our studio to start the post production.

This is where the magic happens! The footage must be carefully and precisely pieced together to produce a seamless video.

Our technical skills, along with industry-leading Mistika VR software, allow us to produce the best video possible. Our post production skills are renowned within the industry.

We place the viewer at the heart of the video, giving them a realistic and memorable experience.

The delivery of the produced 360 video


We test the finished VR video to ensure that it provides the perfect, immersive experience.

We supply the video in a high quality, efficient file size. The video can then be enjoyed on a mobile, desktop, tablet, or VR headset.

We always ask our clients for feedback at the end of the project. We like to ensure that they are happy with the finished product.

Feedback also allows us to continually improve our service. We aim to provide the best experience, from the start of the project to the finish.

Contact us for more information on our 360 production process.

VR camera being used to produce 360 film for pottery
VR camera being used to produce 360 film of Anthony Joshua training

What are the different uses of VR videos?

VR videos lend themselves to many different applications and environments.

Some of the most popular applications that we have produced VR videos for include:

Promotional/ Social Media

We often produce 360 videos for a client website or for sharing on social media.

360 videos stand out from the vast number of regular videos online. They are excellent at showcasing a scene or event and they create unique brand engagement.

Take a look at one of our promotional VR productions below. Don’t forget to full screen the video for the best experience:

VR video of Walkers Nurseries filmed by Immersion VR

With Facebook investing heavily in VR, we think 360 videos represent the future of social media.

VR videos can be produced for pretty much every application that a regular video can be produced for. Along with the fact that they can be viewed without a headset, we can only see VR videos growing in popularity.

Real Estate Tours

VR video production provides the perfect way to advertise a property online.

Viewers can take a virtual tour on their phone or computer. They can take their time to explore every room in detail, just like a normal tour.

VR real estate tour production image
Image from a VR real estate tour that we produced

We can even produce CGI renders of properties from designs.

The computer-generated interiors are photo-realistic and they offer the perfect way of advertising properties that are not yet completed. To find out more about VR for real estate, check out our article here.

Projection Domes

Projection domes are large domes have videos projected on the walls inside. They provide a memorable, immersive experience for large groups of people.

These domes provide excellent talking points at events and festivals.

360 video production for projection domes
An Igloo projection dome

Projection domes can be used to showcase designs and concepts, and to get people talking about your brand.

They can even be used for team building exercises. Universities and museums also embrace projection domes to create an immersive learning environment.

Immersive Classrooms

These are classrooms that have projections on all the walls. They create an interactive and engaging learning environment for children of all ages.

They can be adapted for use with primary, secondary, and special needs pupils.

VR video production for immersive classrooms
An immersive classroom

Immersive classrooms have been growing in popularity in recent years. They capture children’s imaginations as well as encouraging peer interaction and problem solving.

We think they represent the future of education.

Travel Content

VR video caused to great effect for promoting travel destinations and experiences. Take a look at the videos below, produced by us at Immersion VR. You can drag or swipe across the screen to view the whole scene.

360 video produced by Immersion VR

Below is another VR travel video produced by us.

VR video produced by Immersion VR

VR Video For The Industrial Sector

We have produced many VR videos for the large scale industrial sector, showcasing companies facilities and technologies.

Take a look at a VR video below that we produced for a Pharmaceutical company in Wales. Drag or swipe across the screen to view the whole 360 degrees.

VR video produced by Immersion VR

Interested in our VR video production services?

Here at Immersion VR we are specialists in VR video production.

We have worked with countless clients across the UK and overseas.

We produce 360 videos for a wide range of applications including promotional and social media videos, virtual reality real estate tours, projection domes, and immersive classrooms.

Immersion VR producing a VR video
Immersion VR capturing a 360 video

We take care of the entire process from capture to delivery, and we take great pride in the quality of our work.

Our experience and skillset is unique amongst 360 video production companies in the UK.

Whatever your needs, please get in touch to find out more information about us and the 360 production services we offer.

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