360 VR Photography

What is 360 VR Photography?

There are many different terms that are used to refer to this type of photography. Most commonly it is referred to as 360 photography but it is also referred to as 360 VR photography, 360 panoramic photography, 360 spherical photography, and photosphere.

360 photography is the art of capturing the entire 360 degrees of a scene. This allows the viewer to explore the image by either scrolling/swiping across the screen or by using a VR headset.

On the images below, you can swipe/scroll across the images to view the entire 360 degrees of the rooms:

These 360 images are captured using specialist equipment and then produced using specialist software. The result is a photograph that creates a sense of immersion and places the viewer at the heart of the experience.

360 VR photography has many uses and is perfect for showcasing properties, events, and hotels, allowing the user to explore every room in detail.

It is even possible to produce computer generated 360 images. These work in exactly the same way and being photo-realistic, they look completely real.

Why choose 360 photography over regular photography?

With so many images online, users are used to seeing them regularly and it is difficult to gain attention. With 360 images, users are seeing something completely different, something many of them will have never seen before.

The quality and detail contained within a 360 image is something that a regular image cannot replicate. The ability for a user to explore a scene in the full 360 degrees is completely unique to 360 photography. This is what makes it the perfect solution for property advertising and event showcasing.

360 photography can be used for virtual tours
360 photography can be used to create a virtual tour

All the major online platforms are now supporting VR and investing heavily in the technology. Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Amazon have all moved into the VR space in recent years, and we can see this continuing to grow.

At Immersion VR, we think VR content is going to be at the heart of online content in the future. We are offering you the ability to be ahead of the curve by producing your own 360 photography.

Why choose 360 photography over 360 videos?

Many people think that 360 videos are instantly better than 360 images, but this is not true. Each has their own uses, and in many cases, 360 photography is the better option.

The main reasons for choosing 360 photography over 360 video are:

Because the images come in a smaller file size than their video counterparts, they can be uploaded directly to social media and websites. The smaller size allows for faster uploads and faster website speeds.

It may surprise you to find out that 360 photography generally produces a higher quality image but this is due to the difference in capture process and equipment.

How are 360 images captured?

360 images are typically captured using a DSLR camera with a specialist piece of photographic equipment known as a panoramic tripod head.

When mounted to a tripod, this head allows photographers to precisely set the point of rotation of the lens. This can be adjusted for the particular lens and focal length, removing all image distortion.

DSLR cameras are used for 360 VR photography
A DSLR camera mounted to a panoramic tripod head

With 360 photography, the DSLR cameras are also capable of capturing stunning 14K resolution panoramas. This quality far surpasses what is possible with VR videos and is one of the main reasons for choosing 360 photography.

When is 360 Photography used?

Real Estate

360 photography production is commonly used in the real estate industry. Properties can be captured in full and uploaded to a website for prospective buyers to view.

The photographs can be linked together to form a virtual tour. This allows the user to explore the entire property just as they would with a regular tour. They are able to look around every room in detail. To find out more about VR for real estate, click here to take a look at our article.

Below is a virtual property tour which you can explore. Wait for it to load and close the message. You can then explore every room in detail:

Given that computer generated images (CGI) can be used, an entire virtual tour can be produced of a property that is not yet completed. This offers the perfect solution to advertising properties that are still in the design or development stage. To find out more about computer generated VR photography (360 VR Visualisation), check out our article here.


Just as with real estate, hotels benefit from being able to showcase their rooms and surroundings online in the full 360 degrees. Being able to show off their interiors and exteriors in this way allows hotels to connect with prospective guests in a way they haven’t been able to do before.

360 photography can showcase exteriors and interiors
360 panoramas can be used to showcase exteriors and interiors

By allowing the user to explore the space themselves, 360 VR photography creates a sense of immersion. The user is able to imagine themselves in the space, which is much harder to achieve with regular photography.


360 photography is perfect for showcasing any kind of business especially when the photos are combined into a 360 tour. This includes the retail and restaurant industries.

360 photos are also compatible with Google maps and Google My Business. They can help to make your business more visible online.

Social Media & Online

360 photos can be uploaded to social media just as easily as a regular image and they can also be easily embedded on your website. Platforms that now support 360 photography include Facebook, YouTube, and Google Maps.

With so many regular images on social media, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself. 360 images stand out from the crowd and they create unique brand engagement. With so many social media platforms supporting 360 photography, your content has the potential to reach millions of users!

Amongst others, 360 VR photography is great for showcasing events such as concerts and festivals. Allowing the user to be able to explore the space and get a feel for the atmosphere is a powerful tool.

What is the 360 photography production process?

Our experience and knowledge within the industry allows us to deal with every type of 360 VR photography production.

We approach each project with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Exploring the brand before 360 photography production


At Immersion VR, we first like to get a feel for the company we’re working with. We believe it’s important to understand the client’s brand and the company’s ethos.

We work with a wide range of clients from different industries. We understand that no two projects are the same and we approach each one with a fresh canvas.

Planning the 360 VR photography production process


Once we understand the client and the project, we plan every step meticulously. The planning phase is a crucial part of any 360 photography production process.

We work closely with the client to decide the best way to proceed with the project.

The planning involves the style of the shoot, the equipment to be used, and the subject and destination of the shoot.

We always guide the client through the process so that everything is straight forward and easy to understand.

Specialist VR cameras are used during the 360 panorama production process


Of course, there’s no 360 images without a shoot! We arrive with all the equipment and staff needed for the photography process.

We take great care and attention to detail during the shoot. Precision is a very important aspect of 360 photography. It is key that our cameras are set up correctly to remove any image distortion. We also ensure that any motion is reduced, so that we can produce the sharpest images possible.

At Immersion VR, we have state-of-the-art specialist cameras, motion rigs, and equipment that capture outstanding quality images. With our highly experienced crew, we produce some of the best 360 photography in the UK.

Post production for 360 images is very important

Post Production

Once we are happy with the shots we’ve got, we take it back to our studio to start the post production.

This is where the magic happens! The footage must be carefully and precisely merged together to produce a seamless spherical image.

We are professional image retouchers and we utilise the latest software (Photoshop, Lightroom, PTgui) to clean up, retouch, and colour correct each image.

Our technical skills, along with industry-leading software, allow us to produce the best possible 360 VR images. Our post production skills are renowned within the industry.

We place the viewer at the heart of the scene, giving them a realistic and memorable experience.

The delivery of the produced 360 photographs


We test the finished 360 photographs to ensure they provide the perfect, immersive experience.

We supply the images in a high quality, efficient file size. The images can then be enjoyed on a mobile, desktop, tablet, or VR headset.

We always ask our clients for feedback at the end of the project. We like to ensure that they are happy with the finished product.

Feedback also allows us to continually improve our service. We aim to provide the best experience, from the start of the project to the finish.

Contact us for more information on our 360 production process.

360 image of bedroom
360 photography in bar

Why chose us for your 360 photography production?

We have a wealth of experience in the industry and we are deeply passionate about VR. With a highly trained crew and a desire to exceed expectations, we produce some of the best 360 images in the UK.

Immersion VR at work producing 360 photography
Immersion VR at work!

We also produce various types of 360 photography including stereoscopic and 6DoF (6 degrees of freedom) photography. To find out more about these and the services we offer, please get in touch today.

We have produced 360 photography for a range of clients across the country and overseas. We take great pride in the quality of our work and we approach each project with the same level of professionalism.

Our state of the art equipment and post production skills are renowned amongst 360 photography production companies. You can rest assured that Immersion VR will bring your brand and products to life with its unique VR content!

Get in touch today to find out more and to see how we can help you.


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