Workplace Training in VR – Train Operators

Virtual reality training for large UK rail firm

We were approached by one of the largest UK rail firms to produce virtual reality training videos for their roster of train drivers. These videos would enable hazard perception and route learning training to be administered without the need of the logistical challenges of physically driving the train.

Workplace Training in VR

Cutting edge high speed 3D VR Cameras

Shot on cutting edge high speed 3D VR Cameras, they are safely rigged inside the train cabin to capture the entire route. We also capture ambisonic audio of inside the train cabin to increase the level of immersion.

VR Train Camera

The clips are combined with audio voice recordings and on screen graphics – including speed signs, animated route maps and callout graphics to highlight key features on the route.

Oculus Quest 2 VR headset

Using the cutting edge technology of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, the drivers are able to train using the videos remotely and wireless at any location, without the need for expensive computer hardware or cables. This method stands to revolutionise workplace training and health and safety training.

Train VR

The videos are combined in a VR app which allows monitoring of each driver’s progress through the training, as well as tracking their response to multiple choice questions after viewing the videos. Our development partners in this project were AruVR.

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