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Who are Immersion VR?

At Immersion VR, we are a Yorkshire based company that specialises in the production of 360 VR content. We work with clients both large and small, delivering unique and immersive content to help their brand shine.

Immersion VR doing what we do best…

With a huge amount of experience serving clients across the UK and overseas, we are confident in our ability to deliver on every project. In fact, at Immersion VR we always aim to exceed expectations.

Our Vision

At Immersion VR, our goal is to provide people with an experience like no other. We want viewers to be transported to a different place and become truly immersed in the experience.

Being filmmakers at heart, we excel at the art of storytelling. Embracing 360 VR enables us to tell the story in a completely new way, a way that captures the imagination and resonates with people like never before.

We can see the continued growth of VR ahead of us. We want to be at the cutting edge of the VR revolution, leading the way for businesses and brands to follow.

Thinking outside the box comes naturally to us, and we use our experience and expertise to find the perfect solution for each client and application.

What do we do?

At Immersion VR, we offer many different types of 360VR, depending on the application and the client’s needs. We produce VR video as well as 360 photography and we produce content for both Social Media/Websites and for VR headsets.

VR for social media and websites

Many people think that you need a VR headset to view VR content, but this is not the case. 360VR content can be viewed on any device, including mobile and can be uploaded to social media just as easily as a regular video.

Take a look below at the VR video we produced for a garden centre in Yorkshire. The video can be viewed on any device, including mobile. Click and drag or swipe across the video to explore the surroundings. Be sure to full screen the video for the best experience.

Walkers Nurseries in Yorkshire, filmed by Immersion VR

VR videos provide unique and memorable brand engagement that allows companies to stand out from the crowd. Showcasing places and events is where VR really shines, placing viewers in the scene and giving them the feeling of being there.

Virtual reality tours

One of the areas we are seeing a growing interest in is Virtual Reality tours. These tours have been used in the real estate industry for a while now, allowing prospective customers to take a full virtual tour of a property from the comfort of their own home.

Take a look at a VR tour of an apartment we produced below. Wait for the tour to load and then close the message. You will then be able to click and drag or swipe to explore the entire apartment.

VR tours are now becoming more common in other areas, including shops and hotels. With the growth of the internet, consumers are becoming increasingly selective with the places they visit.

Being able to entice customers with an interactive VR tour that shows off what you have to offer is a powerful marketing tool. To find out more about VR tours, click here to check out our article.

Where are we based?

Our studio is based in Doncaster, Yorkshire (near the Doncaster Sheffield Airport) with close proximity to Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield, York, and Hull.

At Immersion VR, we have shot 360 VR content across the UK, from Cornwall to the Hebrides. We have also filmed on location across the world, including Oman, Indonesia, and the Canary Islands to name a few.

Some of our clients

Which VR services do we offer?

At Immersion VR, we can produce VR content for virtually (excuse the pun) any application. We like to get a feeling for the client’s brand before we help the client to decide the best way to go forward.

Some clients know exactly what they want, and that’s great. But don’t worry if you don’t, we talk you through the whole process and explain everything along the way.

The services we typically offer include:

If you are interested in a service that we haven’t listed, please get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Interested in finding out more about Immersion VR?

Whether you are based in Yorkshire, the UK, or overseas, Immersion VR is here to help. Whatever your project, we’re interested to hear about it. We’re constantly looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Email us at info@immersionvr.co.uk or fill in the contact form below.

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