360 VR Post Production

Post production is king in 360 VR. Once the content has been captured, it must be produced in the studio using a range of post production techniques.

These techniques include:

We take pride in our work and you can be assured of a high quality result, whether you are looking for stitching, motion graphics, masking, compositing, object removal, colour correction. We have it all covered, let us know how we can help with your project.

The one word on everyone’s lips – stitching. Bad stitching creates a less immersive experience. We have huge amount of experience in stitching all types of 360 camera setups, both monoscopic and stereoscopic – using an array of stitching software to fine tune every shot.

Check out one of our 360 VR videos below. Full screen (f) the video for the best experience:

Motion graphics have gained an even greater importance in VR video production. As well as helping to tell the story, motion graphics can also be used to convey information and help direct the gaze of the viewer to important story elements. We have a wealth of experience in 2D and 3D animation – creating eye catching graphics, seamlessly integrated for an immersive experience.

From tripod removal to drone removal – we can get rid of any of those unwanted objects getting in shot. When shooting in 360 sometimes it can be difficult to hide absolutely everything, or have total control of the environment when shooting on location. Getting rid of distractions means a better viewer experience.

See the clip below for a before/after example of rig removal.

Before/After – VR Post Production

In this example, we used a cable cam to capture the footage before we took the shots back to the studio for post production.

Immersion VR capturing footage with a cable cam

Take a look at the image below for an example of before and after post production. We carried out the following techniques:

Before/after of footage captured on cable cam

As can be seen with the image above, footage can be completely transformed with professional post production techniques.


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