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Take a look at our articles below to find out everything you need to know about 360VR, or VR 360. Types of 360VR include VR video and 360 photography, and they are used for a wide range of applications.

VR Video Production

What are 360 videos? 360 videos, or VR videos create an immersive and memorable experience that provides the user with a feeling of “being there” . A 360 VR video production places the user in the scene and allows them...

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VR for Workplace Training

What is Virtual Reality Workplace Training? Virtual reality workplace training is an immersive learning experience that uses 360-degree content to immerse users into a simulated environment for training purposes. VR Headsets, headphones, and controllers are used so that the Trainee...

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VR for Education

What is virtual reality learning? Virtual reality, or VR, is taking off in education with an increasing number of schools adopting the technology. VR allows students to experience destinations from across the world without ever having to leave the classroom....

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VR For Tourism

What is virtual reality in travel? Virtual reality refers to interactive images or videos which enable the viewer to explore the entire 360 degrees of a scene. Unlike a regular image of video, which is shot from a fixed view...

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VR For Real Estate

What is a virtual tour in real estate? A virtual tour, or VR tour, is a digital walkthrough used in the real estate industry that allows prospective buyers to carry out a full property viewing online. A typical virtual tour...

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VR Video

What is VR video? VR video and 360 VR are essentially interchangeable terms. They refer to videos that are captured using specialist omnidirectional cameras which enable the filming of an entire 360 degrees at the same time. In the finished...

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