360 VR Services

We provide a wide range of 360 VR services for an array of applications and industries. Our 360 VR services include VR video and 360 photography. Take a look at our articles below to find out more about the 360 VR services we offer.

360 VR Video Production

What is the 360 Video production process? Our experience within the industry has given us the knowledge to deal with every type of VR production project. We approach each project with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail....

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360 VR Post Production

Post production is king in 360 VR. Once the content has been captured, it must be produced in the studio using a range of post production techniques. These techniques include: - Stitching- Motion graphics- Masking- Compositing- Object removal- Colour correction...

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360 VR Photography

What is 360 VR Photography? There are many different terms that are used to refer to this type of photography. Most commonly it is referred to as 360 photography but it is also referred to as 360 VR photography, 360...

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360 VR Visualisation

360 degree CGI renders allow you to showcase a property, exhibition or film set in a totally immersive way. We take care of the whole design process and can deliver a photorealistic VR experience in stereo 3D or monoscopic 360....

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360 Virtual Reality Tours

Combine 360 degree photos, video or CGI into Virtual Tours. Viewable on Desktop, Mobile, and VR Headset. VR Tours allow the viewer to easily navigate from scene to scene as they choose - with audio, text or images supplying information along...

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AR Production

At Immersion VR we have worked on AR productions for a variety of clients. Details of two of the AR projects we have recently worked on are included below. These are "Robin Hood Arrow Through Time" and "Rufford Ghost Walk"....

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360 Stitching Services

As 360 VR content is captured using multiple cameras simultaneously, the individual shots must be combined during post-production to create a complete 360° environment. This is known as 'Stitching'. This process must take place for every type of 360VR, including VR...

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