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360 VR Video Production

We are a 360° VR production company based in Yorkshire, UK with an international client base. We offer 360° VR production services for entertainment, tourism, events, training - and more. Every detail is captured with our array of cutting edge...

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360 VR Post Production

Post production is king in 360 VR. We take pride in our work and you can be assured of a high quality result, whether you are looking for stitching, motion graphics, masking, compositing, object removal, colour correction - We have it...

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360 VR Photography

360° photography allows for higher quality and sharper images than VR video cameras, and is perfect for real estate, travel & tourism. Stunning 14K panoramas can be linked together in a virtual tour! All our 360 photos are stitched perfectly and...

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360 VR Visualisation

360 degree CGI renders allow you to showcase a property, exhibition or film set in a totally immersive way. We take care of the whole design process and can deliver a photorealistic VR experience in stereo 3D or monoscopic 360....

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360 Virtual Reality Tours

Combine 360 degree photos, video or CGI into Virtual Tours. Viewable on Desktop, Mobile, and VR Headset. VR Tours allow the viewer to easily navigate from scene to scene as they choose - with audio, text or images supplying information along...

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360 Stitching Services

As 360 VR content is captured using multiple cameras simultaneously, the individual shots must be combined during post-production to create a complete 360° environment. This is known as 'Stitching'. At Immersion VR we take pride in our work - every project...

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