Monoscopic vs Stereoscopic 360 VR

What’s The Difference?

VR Video is all about immersion. The greater the level of immersion, the more powerful the story. Stereo 360 video enables the viewer to experience true image depth, by mimicking the way our eyes work – providing seperate images for each eye, from a slightly different perspective. Objects will appear nearer or further, as they do in real life.

Download the sample images below and load them into your VR headset to see the difference for yourself. The images are viewable on Cardboard, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Window Mixed Reality. If you have any questions on how to do this, please contact us.

You can also view the videos below through the YouTube app and your VR headset.

Monoscopic 360 VR

Monoscopic 360 consists of a single flat image, projected on a sphere around the viewer. This is great for 360 videos for which a headset is not required, or if the shots contain lots of dynamic movement.

Stereoscopic 360 VR

Stereoscopic imagery is often displayed in the Top/Bottom 3D format. The top image is the Left Eye view, the bottom image is the Right Eye view. Stereoscopic productions require more careful planning and execution, to make sure the viewer is comfortable to focus on the story.

Examples Of Monoscopic & Stereoscopic 360 VR

View these videos through your YouTube app and VR headset to see the difference.

Monoscopic 360 VR Video

Stereoscopic 360 VR Video

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