Robin Hood Arrow Through Time – AR Experience

World-first in interactive cinema

Utlilising the powerful next-generation technology of the Microsoft HoloLens2, this is a world-first in interactive cinema experience. Following the famous story of Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest, the viewer is taken on an adventure through space and time – where we meet Robin’s gang of Merry Men (and women!) and defeat the evil forces which threaten Sherwood Forest.

Robin Hood AR

Featuring an exciting and talented cast of actors, including Black Mirror’s Dominic Le Moignan – with the script co-written by BAFTA award-winning CBBC writer and producer Nick Hutchings. The viewer is not only able to choose the story arc, with multiple scenes and endings depending on their choices throughout the journey, but they are also able to interact with the characters by firing arrows from their hands.

Revolutionary mixed reality

The Microsoft HoloLens2 is the second iteration of Microsoft’s revolutionary head-mounted mixed reality device. It’s a device you put on your head, with a visor over your eyes, which enables a completely new way of interacting with information.

Robin Hood - AR

The Hololens is Microsoft’s take on augmented reality, which they call “mixed reality”. Using multiple sensors, advanced optics, and holographic processing that melds seamlessly with its environment, These holograms can be used to display information, blend with the real world, or even simulate a virtual world.

Combined with the incredible AR technology of the Hololens2, we utilised wearable sound technology to add deeper levels to the sense of immersion. The Subpac is a haptic feedback vest which makes the user able to not only hear the sound, but feel it. We designed the audio to mimic things like hits from arrows, lightning bolts and heartbeat sounds to ratchet up the tension.

Truly immersive and unique experience

Shot in a studio environment, the mixed reality experience combines live action, stunts, special effects and CGI to create a truly immersive and unique experience. ‘Robin Hood – Arrow Through Time’ has been championed as a world first in this field.

Robin Hood AR experience

The experience runs without wires, streamed over the brand new 5G network – known as the 5G Connected Forest, a world-first project as part of the UK Government’s 5G Testbed and Trials programme – assessing the potential for 5G applications in the historical site of Nottinghamshire’s Sherwood Forest area. You can read the BBC News article here –

Along with the sister project “The Rufford Ghost Walk”, this project was created in conjunction with GOOII Ltd. of Nottingham  – our talented development partners. This project was winner at the VR Awards in the category of ‘Immersive Education and Training Award’ and was a nominee for ‘Immersive Storytelling’.

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