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As 360 VR content is captured using multiple cameras simultaneously, the individual shots must be combined during post-production to create a complete 360° environment. This is known as ‘Stitching’. This process must take place for every type of 360VR, including VR Videos.

At Immersion VR we take pride in our work – every project is crafted with care and precision. Using an array of software and editing techniques which come form our vast stitching experience, we have 100% client satisfaction with each and every one of our stitches.

Simply put – the greater the immersion, the more powerful the experience. A bad stitch will distract the viewer and reduce the impact of the story.

Take a look at our seamless stitching in the 360 VR video below. Be sure to full screen the video for the best experience:

We have huge experience stitching both monoscopic and stereoscopic footage. Moving footage, drone footage, static shots, you name it – we can stitch it seamlessly.

We have stitching experience with every 360 VR rig available – from modular custom rigs to all-in-one solutions including Zcam, iZugar, GoPro, Omni, Kandao Obsidian and more.

Not only do we stitch video, we also stitch VR Photos seamlessly.

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